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High level piano performing has always been my goal and my interes as player and as piano educator.
I was 5 years old when my parents purchased a piano, since then my interest in music became part of my life . I learned to play the piano bz myself just watching my older sister plzing. That resulted in my entering the elementary music school Vojislav Vučković (Niš, Serbia), where I studied on an accelerated mode , and where I regularly performed publicly .


My basic piano education continued over the music school Vasa Pavic and Njegoš (Podgorica, Montenegro) and ended in the High Music School Luka Sorkočević (Dubrovnik, Croatia ). Alwazs in searching for valid piano teachers I graduated as the best -in-class instrumentalists in class of Professor Ivo Brangjolica (student of the renowned Svetislav Stančić . I regularly performed at every major music event at school and in the city such as The Croatian Music Festival and performing with the Dubrovnik Symphonic Orchestra.

I continued my university education The Music Academy of the University of Montenegro in the class of renowned musicians Dušan Trbojević, Mariana Mika and Vladimir Bočkarijov. During that time I represented our Akademy at all relevant national and international events. I graduated in piano with the highest score of 10. I studied a large number of piano works and has worked on a wide and demanding repertoire but, also crystallized my interest in teaching piano which was very much recognized by the administration of the Academy where I was assumed as collaborator when I was still a student. On course of my studies, and later I won the first and special prizes at national and international competitions. On several occasions, I was the best and only representative of Montenegro, represented it on an extremely demanding and prestigious national competitions, where participants could not apply bz them selfs but they had to be recognised and from the republic they represented. I had twice that honore to be the sole student from Montenegro among all schools and ages to represent Montenegro in Belgrade and Ljubljana.

After I won the special award 100/100 points at the International Piano Duo Competition in Italy I started training in chamber music at the International High School of chamber music (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Musica da Camera - Trio di Trieste Duino (Italy ) ), where I attended one year working with M ° Dario De Rosa and M ° Amedeo Baldovino from the famous Trio di Trieste.
Constantly studying and perfecting my self in new methods of piano teaching and playing at the postgraduate course in Piano pedagogy and on international courses of Suzuki method and Kodaly method with the world teaching authorities such as Sheila Keets ( NY , USA ), Sue Bird (London , England), Doros Kopelman (USA) and Caroline Fraser ( Lima , Peru).

I would single out my recent guest appearance at the Music Association Cusani in Rome (Italy) where I studied art and philosophy of working with children on the basis of Venezuelan EL Sistema working with renowned trainer Karen Velasquez from Venezuela .
I did not neglect the piano performing aspect of my entire educational enterprise participating on various courses and masterclasses in Italy with Professors like Marian Mika, Vincenzo Audino and others.

Realizing that today the demand to dominate even organizational skills, I ended up training for EU Project Manager and getting certified from EU.
I expanded significantly my view on education and children education at the University Ca'Foscari (Venice , Italy) by attending a one-year training program in the field of Music therapy, Psychomotricity and Performance applied as support to the education of normal children and children with mild problems in communication, learning and behaving.

    Offert to all my students a high level piano training helping them to increase their individual musical, ....

  My constant formative search has led me to the top piano teachers and teacher trainers from The Moscow ...

   I studied and performed piano works   of considerable difficulty and  complexity

   I like to play piano duo repertoire and teach piano duo playing at the concert level...


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