Prof. Biljana Milaković




Piano Teacher


Public school  

Elementary and High School

of Music

"Vasa Pavic"

Podgorica - Montenegro





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My interest in the formative research has led me to identify two teachers of the Conservatory "Tchaikovsky" in Moscow, Maestro E.M. Timakin and Maestro Vladimir Bockarijov students of Maestro K.N. Igumnov and M L. Naumov.

My piano teacher in the high school of music and was Maestro Ivo Brangjolica, (Student of famous Svetislav Stančić).


During my formatove period I studied for three years with the famous M Marian Mika, he was mz teacher of piano, chamber music and sight reading and piano sight reading.
I studied the teaching methodology of the piano with Prof. Dr. Dragoljub Sobajic Belgrade, with Prof. Caroline Fraser from the Royal Academy of Music in London with Professor Sheila Keats from Jouliard music school in New York.
I study chamver music for a year at The International School of Chamber Music of the Trio Trieste with Mo. Dario De Rosa and Mo. Amedeo Baldovino.
Throughout my training I have participated in dozens of Master Class including the most important with Maestro Vincenzo Audino and Maestro Vladimir Pavlovich Ovchinnikov.

     Offert to all my students a high level piano training helping them to increase their individual musical, ....


The high level piano performance has always been my main teaching and learning goal...

   I studied and performed piano works   of considerable difficulty and  complexity


 I like to play piano duo repertoire and teach piano duo playing at the concert level...


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